hebridean sheep


Meat from a Hebridean is totally different to mass-produced supermarket lamb. It has a rich, dark hue, succulent tender texture, with an unique game-like flavour.

The purity of the meat also offers important health advantages over modern commercial breeds of sheep – with the meat being very lean. Recent tests have shown that it has a significantly lower cholesterol level than most lamb.

All Strathmore Hebridean lamb is bred and reared by us to the highest standards, on open pasture at high level in the Derwent Valley

Prime Lamb

For quick, easy and flavoursome mid-week individual and family meals, everyday recipes or special occasions, succulent lamb is a versatile, mouth-watering choice from Hebrideans which are one year old.


Is associated with traditional hearty winter dishes. Instead of cutting up mutton straight away, the meat benefits from a period of time in a cold store – a process known as “hanging”. This improves the texture and flavour.

There has been a dramatic renaissance recently in the popularity of mutton, with well known chefs and connoisseurs (inspired by Prince Charles) widely proclaiming the qualities of mutton.

We promise to refund your money if you are not 100% satisfied with our produce

Our “Guarantee of Satisfaction”


You can now purchase our fresh hill lamb online and either collect it or have it delivered by courier. We can also be found regionally at Northumbrian Farmers' Markets. Wherever you buy Strathmore Hebridean lamb - you receive top quality slow growing fresh rare-breed pedigree lamb direct from our farm with the assurance that you are not buying the modern "inter-bred" or genetically refined Texel lambs or the like which supermarkets nowadays prefer for producing maximum weight in the quickest possible time

Superb Taste

Our fresh Hebridean lamb tastes superb because we:
  • Use only the finest rare breed pedigree Hebridean lambs - the best of lamb breeds.
  • Hebrideans are slow growing and produce maximum flavour.
  • Use lambs from a non-intensively farmed hill pasture.
  • Avoid using chemicals or pesticides on our farm.
  • Give the minimal amount of medicines to our sheep - and only when necessary.
  • Hang our lamb for twelve days as was the custom for traditional butchers.
  • All lamb pieces will be individually vac-packed to preserve the flavour and quality

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