hebridean sheep

Caring for the land

Hebridean sheep love to browse through rough grassland eating grass and weeds, leaving the grass closely cropped.
The Hebridean is the preferred breed for conservation grazing where its habit of selecting course leaf growing vegetation is of assistance in managing wildlife sites for flora and birds, where they play an invaluable role as pasture improvers, showing a marked preference for eating dock and other broadleaved weeds


Are bred on our own family farm in the attractive village Medomsley, on the edge of the Northumberland/Durham Pennines - south east of Hexham and Hadrian’s Wall, and overlooking Newcastle upon Tyne in the distance. Over 12 years of extensive improvements at East Farm have resulted in our being able to offer a small selection from our spring lambs for sale as pre-packed boxed selections.


Our flock are fed on the following diet to maintain their top class condition throughout the year:

• Grass rich in natural nitrogen producing clover

• Top grade Hay

• Pedigree Lamb Molasses Course Mix (consisting of Flaked Peas, Flaked Barley, Flaked Maize, Flaked Beans, Wheetfeed, Flaked Dates, Soyabean and Soya, Linseed Chips, Rapemeal Extract, Distiller’s Dark Grain, Grass Nuts, Molasses, Sunflower, Sugar Beat, Calcium Cabonate, Glucose Syrup, Palm Kernel, Salt, Vitamin Trace, Wheat, Vegetable Fat, Caramilla Truffle).

• Mineral Lick containing essential vitamins and molasses.

Our flock are not fed growth hormones, artificial fattening substances or weight enhancers.


We are proud to support efforts to educate local children around the village in “getting closer” to the earth by arranging annual visits by school classes and scout and cub groups. As each generation seems to be losing touch with nature and farming, it is important to be able to remind our children that food does not simply appear in a supermarket cell-pack.

Food – and livestock have to be carefully grown, and are to be appreciated and enjoyed – not simply thrown away as discarded waste in favour of a packet of crisps..

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